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2014/15 活動計劃

Bible reading class
l School-based curriculum "Children's Bible Reading Class"
l Community "Children's Bible Reading" Class
l "Adult Classics" Class
l "Children's Bible Reading Class" Instructor Training and Appraisal Plan

Large-scale Event
l The Fragrance of Calligraphy and Ink - National Calligraphy and Painting Day (March)
l The 7th Global Chinese Culture Classics Recitation Conference (April)
l The 6th Classics Leader List─Classics Assessment ("Classic Knowledge Level Assessment Conference"), Essay Competition, Calligraphy Competition (March-May)

Classic Literature Collection
l "Teacher He Shuhui Speaks "Classics" e-book
l Textbook for reciting

l Publication of classic publications - Promotion of "Chinese Classics Cantonese Recitation Series"
l Publicity and promotion of Chinese culture - Dizigui online game